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SAVI Surgical
SAVI Surgical
SAVI – Right Device, Every Time

SAVI is a surgical tray management solution. It applies the latest advances in computer vision and machine learning to identify individual devices within surgical trays to ensure the correct devices are being supplied and used for surgery.

Globally, over 15 million surgeries every year are affected by missing, broken or incorrect surgical instruments and devices.

In collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Medical and Google Cloud, Max Kelsen has developed SAVI, a world-first AI solution to revolutionise the processing of surgical instruments and implants to improve hospital efficiency and patient safety.

SAVI is an award-winning application built with industry-leading artificial intelligence at its core, and is used to streamline the inspection process of orthopaedic instruments and implants. This significantly reduces the time to prepare instruments and implants for surgery, ensuring that surgeries are completed as scheduled and reducing the time between surgeries.

Storing and managing the details of many thousands of surgical instruments and trays, SAVI has consistently demonstrated a reduction in the processing time of surgical instruments and implants returned from hospitals by more than 50 percent versus the traditional inspection process, with an accuracy of 99.999%.



Faster than traditional inspection methods


Accuracy in surgical kit inspection

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