Our research laboratory is underpinned by long academic traditions, enriched with the adoption of fast evolving technological advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our Research Lab focuses on three areas that are critical to the advancement of human health, technology and artificial intelligence itself:

3 Areas of Focus

Algorithmic Safety
Quantum Computing

Our team's background in academic research means that we have a deep understanding of scientific hypothesis testing techniques, and we possess significant domain-specific expertise in areas including genomics, bioinformatics, and mathematics. This enables us to deliver cutting-edge research projects with the same degree of scientific integrity as other research laboratories.

Advances in artificial intelligence will allow for the delivery of new standards, insights and cost effective improvements to many tedious or complex tasks. However, application of these new technologies to critical sectors, such as healthcare, must come with great care and withstand scientific scrutiny. Without it, our results will at best fail to bear any fruit, or worse, have ethical or legal implications or even cost lives.

Our commitment is to producing safe AI solutions, and can be demonstrated through our peer reviewed publications, as well as our partnering with ARC Centres of Excellence, such as Centre for Information Resilience (CIRES) and Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADMS).


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